“Deborah was very caring and offered to help…”

I had only known Deborah Sofferman for a relatively short time when the untimely death of my husband occurred. Deborah was very caring and offered to help at the graveside funeral for my husband. With her soothing voice and well-articulated words, she recited the 23rd Psalm in a powerful and memorable manner. It was a beautiful addition to the service.

I knew Deborah was bright, experienced, and well-rounded–all great qualities she displays as an Interfaith Minister.  So I did not hesitate to recommend her when my friends asked if I knew anyone who could officiate at their wedding. I had to coordinate closely with Deborah on that occasion as I was playing and singing during the ceremony. I was so impressed with the elements she wove together. The couple for whom she officiated were very happy with how sensitive she was to who they were and what they wished for in their service. Deborah’s kindness, gentleness, and strong presence shone brightly that day. I was quite moved. Deborah’s sense of tradition, multiculturalism, and worldliness are a potent mix that would be an asset to any joyous celebration or solemn event.



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